Thursday, February 19, 2009

Project #3&4

So, I've been slacking at posting about my Project. However, I haven't been a slacker about doing the little things for Nick. I've actually been pretty good. And he's noticed. It's quite sweet.

Project #3
I cheated on this one. I put up on Facebook how great of a husband he is, how I love him so much. I'm sure he saw this one, but he didn't post anything to it. I intend to brag about him more, in front of others, well, someone other than Jenna. He hears me tell her what a Great DA-DA-DA-DA-DA she has... Hopefully she'll brag about her Dada soon, too ;)

Project #4
For Valentines, we agreed not to get each other gifts as we tend to go a little crazy and try to out do one another and we just spend too much. So, we agreed to just go on our date and get each other a card. Then, when my Mom gave us each a box of hershey's chocolates, we laughed and said we were bummed we didn't have any chocolate to celebrate with ;) Soooo, I made a trip to See's chocolates and picked up some Scotchmallow's. Now, those are my favorite, too... but I bought 4, JUST FOR HIM. I gave them to him, told him I loved him and he smiled and said "I know, babe, thanks!" (it was way more 'gooey' than I can convey with written word, I promise).

I like this, it's fun.

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