Thursday, February 5, 2009

Project #1

This is what I did for Project #1
So, Nick often gets the house alone time this project stipulates. So, instead of doing that, I tried to look for another 'nice thing' to do for him. Like I said, he often gets the transitional time this project suggested, still gets to play video games a couple of times a week, peruse the internet (on car chat boards) and gets down time. But, what he doesn't get is a bit of time alone with me. Well, he gets that, but often we sit on separate couches, and watch tv together.

Last night, I snuggled up next to him. It was nice to be a 'couple' rather than being roommates for an evening. Jenna was asleep, the house was quiet and we were able to watch a movie. Sounds simple? It WAS! Plus, often, on our separate couches, I knit or read while he's watching tv or on the internet. Last night, we just snuggled.

Oh, and this morning while making his coffee (yes, I make coffee just for him, as I can't drink the caffinated stuff, or, at least I'm too scared to drink the caffinated stuff while BFing) I put a little cinnamon in it, because I knew it'd be a nice surprise for him (something small I know he loves).

Yay! 1 down, 4 to go....

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