Monday, February 9, 2009

Milestones galore!

So, this past weekend we went up to Nick's parents (mountain camp) for the weekend. It's been a while since they've seen Jenna and we skipped out on a trip up there last month when we were at the apex of our sleeping/fussy/teething fiasco. So, needless to say, Nanny and Poppie were super excited to get some 'Jenna-Time' in :)

Just before packing up to leave, I was sitting across the room from Jenna. She was sitting up and I clapped and said "YAY JENNA!" She suddenly brought her hands together and clapped. I was shocked, we haven't worked on this one at all! So, I tried again and again that afternoon, and although it's a loose interpertation of a clap, it's an intentional clap none-the-less. It's funny when she's tired and trying to suck her thumb and clap at the same time.

Then, this weekend while up at mountain camp, she kept doing her 'mock' crawling around the hardwood floors upstairs. So, I suggested we bring her downstairs to the family room (carpeted) and play with her there for a bit. It didn't take long, she officially started crawling. She only gets 3-4 "steps" but she's finally figured out how to move forward rather than backward.

::let the babyproofing begin::

So, she now can go from any position to sitting, pull herself to standing (if she's near a surface to grab onto), crawling, clapping, smiling and laughing. Oh, and she now has 5 teeth. My oh my, this all happens so fast!

7 months, 19 days


abarker said...

Yay Jenna! Such a big girl!!!

Cameron's mom said...

that is a BIG milestone! remember, we're available to show you what needs to be 'b-proofed'! ;)

Ariella said...

Wow she is getting so big so fast!