Friday, November 21, 2008

5 month letter

Dear Jenna,

Where oh where has the time gone? You're now 5 months old. This month your personality continues to shine through. You're a happy baby, you smile for most, giggle for a select few and tears are fewer and farther between. 

Here's your official 5 month photo. I love taking these pictures each month as I can see the drastic difference in you since 2 months. As you can see in this picture, you're starting to sit (a little bit) on your own. It doesn't last long, but you're able to teeter between sitting upright and leaning against something. Sometimes when I try to get you to sit up and tall, you flop forward or backward. This picture, you decided you wanted to sit forward and show off for the camera. 

I love you more and more each day. We're starting to figure out the naps, when you're hungry, when you're tired, when you're angry and when you're bored. We're getting better at being parents. Though I still haven't totally come to realize I am, in fact, a Mom. I'm getting better at answering to that title but I think I'll really come around when you start saying "Mama"... there, I can repeat it for you if you'd like "Mama".  

Another sign you're growing up... we took this last picture in your bassinet prior to swapping out for the stroller frame. We still carry you in the infant seat at times, but you're much happier sitting up in the stroller instead. You're able to see more and interact with others. 

You continuously put a smile on our faces. I can have the worst day and the minute I pick you up from Irma's my day is better. I'm able to forget that the economy is terrible right now, forget that I have a to do list a mile long and I'm just able to be with you and I feel so accomplished, loved. 
You're getting a bit more consistent in the sleep department. Well, at least at night. We still have to guess during the day whether or not to put you down for a 4pm nap in hopes of getting you to stay up until 7pm without being cranky pants. It's always a roll of the dice. But at night, you're getting better. More consistent. You wake up twice a night (we're talking 6pm until 6am) and you only wake for a dream feed. So, they tend to happen at ~ 10 pm and 3:30 am. Of course, on the nights I want to get the most sleep, you decide to throw me for a loop and wake up every 2 hours. But, you do love your sleep. That brings me to sleepy cues. You've started a whole new slew of them lately. They include: thumb sucking (#1 cue!), burying your head in my chest (instantly makes me snuggle with you), blowing raspberries (yeah, not a fan of this one, spit goes everywhere!), becoming more 'talkative' (strangers think you want to play and I want them to leave you alone!) and lately, grunting. 

Your laughter. Your giggles. I've deemed them the cutest thing on the planet. So cute, so fun, so innocent. I'll do pretty much anything to make you laugh. I'll sing to you in a crowded target, dance like a goon and drop everything to come nibble on your cheeks just for a hint of that laughter. But, that being said, no one makes you laugh like Dad. No one. Just one glimpse of him puts you in a great mood, smile ready. Then, he makes a sound (doesn't have to sing or dance or anything!) and you're laughing. Of course, although I'm a bit jealous, nothing makes me happier. I love watching the two of you together. 

So, this month you've also discovered your tongue. And your feet. And your feet meeting your tongue. You're drooling all over the place, I keep thinking you're teething but lately I've given up on the tooth hunt because I'm convinced that you'll be pre-teething for at least a couple more months. Is it that or am I just fearful of your teeth coming in as a breastfeeding mother. Who knows. Either way, I'd like to keep the teeth tucked away in your gums for a bit longer and I'd like you to hold off on crawling. A mobile baby means Mama needs to baby proof. And I'm not ready for that. I like to control what goes in your mouth and ensure that Vinnie's (our chinchilla) poop stays far away from your mouth. 

My dear, I love you more and more each day. I love having you in my life, I love us as a family. You make my day complete and I'm still in complete denial you're as old as you are. 


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britt said...

Janessa, your letters to the baby are so precious. Every one of them brings warm and fuzzy tears to my eyes. I love how you love your family. You guys are so blessed. Happy times mom! Hi Nick!