Thursday, November 6, 2008

Historic Election

So, as I noted in this post, the election has come and gone. We were super excited to bring Jenna along with us to vote. Nick and I have always gone together to vote. I *like* going to the polls. I feel like I'm participating. So, this year she came along. I threw her in the Moby and we walked into our polling place.

She did relatively well. I was boucing a bit to keep her quiet when she started to squak but, for the most part, she did well. However, while in the booth, I was going to flip my page and I felt something wet... Jenna spit up on my 'reciept', a little on the folder my ballot was in (oops!). Apparently that's what she thinks of politics. Normally, I feel the same way. But this election is so exciting.

For two reasons (for me). 1) the first African American President has been elected to office. It's amazing that it'staken our country this long to get someone else in the oval office besides some old white guy. Reason #2 is a little disappointing. Californians voted to change our state constition to dictate that marriage only be allowed between one woman and one man. I'm so disappointed (the nicest word I can come up with right now) that our state has taken two steps back in terms of being "progressive" while our country has taken a giant leap forward by electing Barack Obama.


Alison 'n Brandyn said...

Go Jenna!!! Its going to be an exciting political life time ahead of you!!!

Stephanie said...

You're it... you've been tagged on my blog!