Saturday, November 22, 2008

Introduction of Solids!

OK, so we officially started on solids! How exciting. First... start with a happy, slightly hungry baby: CHECK! 

Second, give her a little food on the high chair tray to play with and experiment with. CHECK! (we started with avocados) 
Third: offer the baby food on a spoon. Play this up, smile, make MMMM noises and open your mouth. 
See if baby accepts the food: CHECK! (mmmmmm) 

Continue even if the baby spits some out (she didn't spit much out, actually! This was a bit that she did) CHECK! 

Continue the feeding if she seems up for it: OK... 
End when they show the smallest sign of dissatisfaction or fuss (remember this is only for practice!) Then feed the baby the 'real' way: CHECK!

All in all, a pretty good experience. She did make a few 'yuck' faces which were pretty cute. Nick said it's because we started her on avocado and he thinks they're gross (too bad, babe!) Sweet potatoes are next week. In the meantime, I picked up one of these and I'm so excited about it! YAY for fresh baby food :)

5 months 1 day


~M~ said...

Ooh, I've been coveting the Beaba. Not appropriate for me to buy it yet, but if it ever goes on sale I may just pick it up. Did you see the storage trays?:

Mommy Moreno said...

She is ADORABLE! and it looks like a fun 'first'! :)

Maria said...

so so cute!!!

Maile wants to play with her friend!!

Lindsy said...

She is so cute! Those blue eyes are to die for!

Katie said...

yeah! you got one! You and Heather can swap recipes! :)

Alison 'n Brandyn said...

Good work Janessa!! What a pretty, pretty girl Jenna is!!

Squeak said...

Janessa she's so beautiful!!!
Yay on solids, man time really flies!

Heather said...