Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My attempt at a blog

This is more like a little journal to myself, and my future baby. Yes, future baby. Currently, my husband and I are trying for a child. No one knows. No one, except, well my little online group of women that are also trying for babies. The nest baby. Thank goodness for the women there.

They fuel my obsession, answer my questions, curse out my period and cheer for baby steps toward pregnancy. It's a fantastic outlet, as I hope this will be. They know the nuances of my cycle, when I'm ovulating, what type of cervical fluid I have (yum) when I'm expecting the cursed Aunt Flo (AF) and when I take a pregnancy test. My husband doesn't have the insight to my cycle they do.

This has been an interesting experience thus far. We had a potential Oops! a few months ago, and we were relieved to finally have AF show up. But, before she showed, we both tried to mentally and emotionally prepare ourselves for parenthood, in case she didn't show. Then, the baby fever began. We had a few long talks, and we realized this is really great timing for us. We're still young, we've been married for over 2 years, and we're financially in a good place to take this on.

We weren't totally positive during the cycle after the potential oops, but started the cycle after that. Then, my body decided to rebel. Short, short cycle. 21 days! Yikes! So, now we're on cycle #2. It's really, really hard not to become obsessed. Normally, when I want something, I want it NOW, and, for the most part, I can achieve it now. This, no. This is not so easy. It's actually not easy to become pregnant. Who knew? Cycle #2, I'm in for a long road ahead. Average couples take about 6 months to become pregnant. Huh. I'm on #2. Keep those fingers crossed that we're the 'lucky' ones that become pregnant sooner!

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