Thursday, September 27, 2007

No one knows...

We haven't told anyone. No one. I don't keep secrets, I can't keep secrets. And, somehow, I'm holding this one, this secret. It's locked in our bedroom. I intentionally go out shopping and wander through the baby sections, armed with this line: "A friend of mine is having a baby! I can't wait!" (This line may be changed to "My co-worker is having a baby! I can't wait!" depending on the person I'm speaking to).

I actually like that we've got this secret. I enjoy keeping it between my husband and I. It also scares me whenever someone starts to talk about having children, and when we have ours, and our life goals. I'm afraid that when that stuff comes up, I look something like this:

I feel like everyone knows. But how silly is that? We've been parading through life telling everyone that "We aren't going to have kids until we own a home". Now, I don't know about you, but in Northern California, you better have at least $60,000 to own a home. And, although it's technically possible, it's more likely improbable for a young couple, in their late 20's to have $60k cash for a down payment without some form of monetary support from mommy and daddy dearest. Of which we don't have. That's fine with me, but what will they say when we actually conceive? I'm hoping that it will be pure excitement, shock and maybe one or more people will be tackled. Yes, that's what I'm hoping for. That, and maybe some tears. I'll cry, well, because I cry at the drop of a hat, but I hope others cry too.
Even still, this dream is a long ways away. The earliest we could tell anyone, would be November 10th. That is, of course, if we get pregnant this cycle. Yes, every cycle, I plan when I'd be able to tell both sets of parents, in person, at the same time. This. Is. Difficult. As both sets of parents live far, far away from each other. About a 12 hours drive. So, the weekend of November 10th, I truly hope that we can tell them. And, if not then, um, well I won't plan for that now.

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