Thursday, August 21, 2008

2 Months!

Dear Jenna,

It's been an exciting month. The guests have filtered out (though plenty still come to visit, we don't have as many staying with us for long periods) and we're starting to feel like old pro's at this "parenting" thing. You and I have painted the town with the number of "mommy and baby" groups and get togethers we've been to. You're getting more and more beautiful every day and we really think those baby blue eyes will stick around for awhile, as they've lightened up quite a bit. 

This month, instead of the Grandma's and Grandpa's coming here, we went to visit with them. First, we went up to Nonie and Poppie's, also known as "mountain camp". You did fantastic with the travels, and enjoyed the fresh mountain air during a nice long walk. Nonie and Mom also took you on your first (of many, trust me!) wine tasting adventure. Again, you did fantastic :)

The following weekend, we went to meet Grandma and Pop up in Reno for Hot August Nights. We stayed at Grandma's "second home". I promise, you'll get to see Grandma & Pop's house in Arizona at some point, but we're not up to taking you on an airplane just yet. In any case, you got to enjoy the special "Grandma snuggle blanket" shown below. Mom liked it so much at night while nursing, she thought about sneaking it away in her bag, but knew she'd be in big trouble with Grandma if she tried to bring it home. I'll make sure Dad knows that I like it a whole bunch, so maybe I'll get one for Christmas ;)

I'm absolutely fascinated by your hands and feet. I know they're so small now, and they'll quickly get much bigger. Though, this month your grip has improved quite a bit, particularly when you've got a hold of a big chunk of my hair. You won't let go! So, pony tails for me, at least for now. 
This month, you've really started smiling. For whatever reason, you love your changing table. I really don't know why, nor do I care, as if you're happy, I'm happy. The fussiness really came out and about, and with the colic and reflux, we've been having a ball. But, that being said, I continue to remind myself you're never, ever going to be like this again. You'll never be this small, this needy, this adorable (OK, OK, I'm sure you'll continue to be adorable but I wanted to throw that out there). So, back to the smiling. We love to make you smile, you're even giggling. It's really, really cute. Also, the cooing. You love to talk, which doesn't surprise your Dad or I, as you're a gemini girl, just like Nonie and I. If there's one thing we know how to do, it's talk! 

You're also trying to figure out how to suck your thumb. Unfortunately, you haven't figured this out, but in your attempts you get your hand to your mouth just enough to knock the pacifier out and you cry. It's a "game" and we are getting a little too good at chasing the pacifier. 
As for current events this month, the Olympics have begun. The most exciting part is that Michael Phelps has won 8 straight gold medals. In all honesty, once that was complete, we stopped being glued to our TV's. Which is a good thing, because staying up late to watch the Olympics + you waking up 2 times a night and always at 6am = one tired Mommy!

Now that we've just started to get a glimpse of your personality, we're even more intrigued as to what type of toddler you'll become, what type of young child you'll be. We're not even thinking about you as a teenager, as that scares the living daylights out of us, but we're so in awe as to the little person you're going to be. It's amazing the changes 2 months will make. I'm trying to soak as much of you in as possible before I have to return to work. 



Anonymous said...

way to make a pregnant girl cry!!! Love the picture of her lil feetsies (yes I just made up a word) and cute bottom!

Alison said...

Janessa - the photos are GORGEOUS!! And your words beautiful!! (As is your daughter!).