Saturday, August 23, 2008

Apparently green poop is normal.

I've made about 5 calls to the advice nurses in the last 48 hours. Most are about me, as I've somehow gotten a bladder infection of e-coli (why they told me that, I don't know). Apparently, it's common.... funny, I thought it was toxic... whatever. It will be interesting once I start antibiotics as most (girls) know with antibiotics there is a chance you can get a yeast infection. AND, what is "thrush"? A yeast infection.

Anyway, after recognizing that my 'period' that I got earlier in the week was yielding some TERRIBLE cramps I finally woke up at a 3am feeding and realized it probably wasn't 'cramps' after all. I called the advice nurse and she said I probably had a UTI. A few more calls and a culture later, I have a bladder infection. Fantastic.

So, they said "Keep drinking liquids, flush it out, cranberry juice is good". If there's one thing I'm good at, it's overkill. I went out and bought 2 half gallons of cranberry juice and throughout yesterday, I drank one entire bottle. (they can't say I'm not taking in enough liquids!)

This morning, I went to change Jenna and low and behold: Green Poop. Seriously. I'm talking simple green color (though Nick begs to differ, he said it's clearly wheat grass in color). Either way, there wasn't a hint of her normal mustard yellow stuff in sight. (This is where I apologize to my dear childless friends, as I'm sorry for having you get this far if you didn't ignore the post based on the title alone).

In any case... holy cow. This has been one helluva adventure! Any bets on what we have coming up next?

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shoppingsmycardio said...

ah, an area i know something about. okay, stop with the ocean spray cranberry, which only has about 1 tablespoon of actual juice per glass. you need the rk knutsen version that you get at whole foods - it's the 100% cranberry juice. it tastes TERRIBLE, but it's the one that actually works. dilute with some water and a bunch of sugar, and just drink fast.

fluids are your friend...drink a ton of water. you want to dilute.

and call if i can do anything.