Sunday, August 31, 2008

My update

OK so now I'm totally confused. I went and saw the Doctor. She said that it could still be left over from the bladder infection (the symptoms, that is) or it could be a different infection (great). In any case she told me the solution was to rest. She quickly added "Can your husband watch her while you get some rest?"
My response?

"No, he's gone." (In hindsight, I realize this was worded poorly based on the poor doctor's face when I said it) "Wait! I mean he's in Tahoe for the weekend at a bachelor party. He'll be back on Sunday"

She also said that she would run a urine analysis and do some blood work. She said the pee would show if it's the bladder infection that's giving me problems and the blood work would show if there's an infection going on. She said the source of the infection could either be from the bladder or from something else. But, until more symptoms present themselves, she has no clue what's causing the fever. She did try to say that my symptoms could be from fatigue and stress, to which I asked her "a fever!?" She said, no, that wouldn't cause a fever, an infection would, however. Ugh... are you seeing the circular pattern?

So that was on Friday before Labor Day weekend. I was emailed the results (thank you Kaiser!) and the good news is both blood and urine are clean. No infection. The bad news? WTF is up with me!? She said to call the advice nurse once the labs were posted, but I feel like a flippin nut! "Hi, my labs are normal, I'm still not feeling so hot but as long as I take tylenol I feel OK" What will they say to that? "Keep up the tylenol until you feel better, don't take more than 8 in a day." Anyone wanna bet otherwise?

Meanwhile, I'm still super cold at night (when it's hot out!) and then when I bundle up, I wake up dripping with sweat! The sheets are soaked, I'm soaked but I don't regret bundling up as that's the only way I can fall asleep (or I get chills). I think I might just have to chalk this one up to pp hormones.


Aviva said...

I hope you feel better SOON!

Kelly Marie said...

Could fever be from a flu?

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Teri said...

It's hormones. You're still considered post-partum. Night sweats are completely normal pp.