Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One of those things no one tells you about...

I had always heard that it's physically difficult to hear your baby cry. That doesn't even begin to cover it. Today, in our attempts to beat the record breaking heat that was supposed to hit our area, we went off to our normal 'Wednesday' routine. I couldn't find my keys after searching EVERYWHERE for them, so I grabbed the spare set and manually set our house alarm (as to why we have a house alarm, that's an entirely different story... I hate the stupid thing).

In any case, we drive to WC, I park the car and I went to get Jenna out when Nick called. He said the alarm company called. The alarm's going off and the police have been dispatched. Then, he proceeds to tell me to call the house, check the vmail to get the phone number and call them back to see if we can avoid having the police come out.

Then, Jenna starts to cry which quickly progresses to a full blown scream. I knew she was hungry, as we were on our way to a breastfeeding group and I intended to feed her right when I got there. So, she's screaming, I'm calling the house to get the phone number, writing it down, then I have to call the company, remember the password (ugh) and THEN they say "We can't turn it off from here, you have to turn it off from your home". Again, Jenna's screaming. I feel terrible. A fellow Mom came and was trying to calm her (swinging the car seat) and I'm totally breaking down.

When she cries, or screams, or is generally in distress my body surges. I have a massive hot flash. Sweaty, I can't handle myself where is the nearest fan for my face kind of hot flash. Often, my milk lets down and if I can't soothe her immediately, I become a sobbing mess with her. I can't help any of this, it's terrible. Then, if this occurs and we both break down, I tend to proceed to cry the rest of the day over little (or not so little) things. Stupid hormones.

Jenna was calmed by the other Mom as I got a call back from the alarm company. Apparently the police are at the house. The back door is open. I know why. Nick went around and closed the windows and turned on the A/C because it was going to be such a hot day. Well, the blinds were covering the back sliding door. I set the alarm manually and it didn't warn me that the door was open (or, if it did, I couldn't hear because Jenna was fussin). In any case, I had to leave at that moment, as the police were expecting me.

Jenna goes back in the car. I go back in the car. Luckily by the end of the second block, she was out (thank goodness!) There's more, but I'll spare you the details. Long story short, let it be known that I will do my best to "tell you like it is"


~M~ said...

Oh man, I knew you had a tough day, but I had no idea it was so taxing. I'm so sorry! At least you know your alarm works.

shoppingsmycardio said...

wow. i'm pretty sure this is why we have dogs instead of kids.

i hope you poured yourself a nice big glass of wine when you finally made it home & averted the crisis (crises?) definitely earned it.

littlemonkey said...

:( no wine for me this week.. stupid antibiotics!

Alison said...

Oh Janessa!! That was a rough day!!!