Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ready? Maybe not!

OK, so the last few days have been surreal. I'm full term. Wow, that pregnancy sure did fly by! 

Here are my reasons I'm not ready to have her yet: 
- Nick and I's 10 year dating anniversary is on Thursday. We have a date night planned for 
Friday (6/6) and I'm getting my hair cut that day (I figure it will be many, many months before I get back to the hair dresser) along with a manicure and pedicure. I'm due for the pedi and I was very generously given a gift certificate for both! Yay!
- Thursday, 6/12 we have tickets to see the Yankees play the A's. Since the Yanks rarely come to town, we wanted to make sure to grab some good seats! I'm super excited to go! 
- Friday, 6/13 is my birthday. I really don't want her to share my birthday, just because I want her to have her own day. 
- 6/17 is Nick's Mom's birthday. Ideally, not that day, either, for the very same reasons listed above. 

Though, strangely, I'm fine with her coming on Father's Day. I think that'd be a great Father's day gift for Nick AND both Grandpa's :)

Here's why I want her here sooner rather than later:
- Um, I'm uncomfortable. My hands and feet swell up like balloons and my right arm is getting some neurological symptoms (shooting pains, achy pains). That and, this peeing is really getting ridiculous! 
- We're ready. Really. Everything is in it's place, ready to go. We just need a baby. 
- If I *did* have her before my birthday, I could enjoy a glass of champagne on my birthday! Wahoo! 
-Did I mention I'm uncomfortable? When sitting, it really feels as though I have a basket ball in my lap. I can't cross my legs, lay down comfortably, sit up comfortably or walk comfortably. My favorite position? On all 4's on pillows in the living room. There's a visual for ya! 

So, we shall see how much longer this pregnancy lasts.... (ha! Watch me deliver in July! ugh!!) 

37w, 1d


Echloe said...

TAG! check my blog to find out what this means. But you should do it quick because I get the feeling from those photos in your last entry that you'll be pretty busy soon and will not have time for blogging.

O.K. so congrats to making it to full term. I won't even make fun of the Yankees just because I like you so much and you are a big ole uncomfortable pregnant lady and stuff. Enjoy your primping, anniversary date, and the game. It sounds like you are really ready. Hooray for that. ((((Hugs))))

Becky said...

Oh wow, sounds like you are going to be busy until the last minute!
:) Becky

Grandma In Waiting said...

Pregnancy is one month too long for the women and one month too short for the men! Enjoy, it'll be over VERY VERY SOON!

Keep repeating:
"This is normal, This Is Normal, This Is NORMAL"