Friday, June 13, 2008

Yankee Game!

So, we made it to the game! We got there early enough to see the Yanks warming up. Oh, and when we got to the parking lot, we asked if there was any close parking as my due date is "just a few days away". They immediately pointed us to the front of the stadium! Woot!

Here's Andy Petite warming up :)

All "the boys" out for the Star Spangled Banner. 

AND, here we are in our full Yankee regalia! 

We had a great time. The contractions fired up for a good part of the game and continued to do so until I went to bed. They weren't terribly uncomfortable, but I can tell they're getting stronger and stronger. 

The best part? We got to see Matsui hit a GRAND SLAM and we won! 

(at the time of the game) 38w3d

We made it to the Yankee game! 


shoppingsmycardio said...

aww, how cute are you guys?

Trevor's Bride said...

That's way cool you got to go to a game. I'm still all googly for Jeeter. Did you get a pic of him?

littlemonkey said...

;) in the pic of the guys all lined up for the national anthem, he's the one on the far left!