Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This is me, keeping "busy"

Wow, this stayin home stuff is something that's a bit of a challenge for me. So, at my appointment, the NP (not my normal NP, another one, which I don't like very much.... her bedside manner is weird) checked my cervix and the good news is there's not been any additional dilation. 

As for work, she wants me to continue to rest and offered me a "note" for work. I told her I wouldn't need it due to the nature of my company (um, it's a small company). I also told her that I was still having contractions, and, that morning, I had 8 in an hour. She told me that up until 36 weeks, I'm supposed to call L&D EVERY time I have more than 4 in an hour. 

Yeah. Right. 

So, like a good girl, within 45 minutes of leaving the office, I'd had 6 contractions. I called L&D. After a 30 minute conversation, I explained the situation and after her asking me ~ 3 times "Do you want to be seen" of which my reply was "No", we agreed. The only time I'd call is if the contractions become painful, if my bag of waters breaks and/or is leaking or if any of the other signs (rapid swelling in hands and face, along with a few others) occur, then I'll call and they'll get me right in (as I've been seen before). Whew... that phone call saved a lot of future hassles. 

So, now, I sit. Sort of. I've got a couple work related tasks I'm finishing up, but I take my time and as needed I take breaks to decrease swelling and/or 
contractions. I think I'll officially go on disability next week, as to avoid any unnecessary stress. 

So, to occupy my time, I've continued to read, but Becki 
was kind enough to find me a super cute knitting pattern. Here's the final result: 


Aviva said...

Excellent pattern choice...and what a beautiful result!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is really something! It looks great!

shoppingsmycardio said...

how are you already finished with that, you nut?

i was trying to find a youtube clip of joey from friends explaining about pacing yourself when you're stuck at home...but you'll have to use your imagination.