Monday, May 12, 2008

I've been bamboozled! HOODWINKED!

So, my parents came down for the second weekend in a row. I thought it was so my Mom could help prep the house for a shower that was to be held at my house next Sunday, after I would've attended a wedding the night before. I told her if she wanted it on that date, she could have it, though I'd prefer another date in order to prep the house for the shower. She wanted to come down this weekend and who am I to stop my Mom for coming down on Mother's Day weekend?

Then, she says she wants a pedicure. OK! Fine by me! A little early according to my pedicure schedule, but my feet have been getting REALLY sore throughout the day, so I jumped at the opportunity. We went, got a pedicure, ran over to the nurture center to pick up a breast pump and peruse the other goods they had there. I did notice she was doing an awful lot of texting, but I was thinking to myself "guess that just comes with the territory of having an iPhone... everyone that has one (including Nick) can't go a 1/2 hour without breaking it out to play with some feature."

Well when we got home, I found this:
out on my back deck! What? A shower?!?! Isn't that NEXT weekend?!!? Wait a second...
Yes, they fooled me! I walked out and stammering I said "But I have a dress!" So, I ran inside to change, and went out and enjoyed the beautiful decorations and good company. They got me GOOD!

I'll take any opportunity for a champagne picture, even if I can't drink it!
Bella even came out to surprise me :)
How cute are these cakes?!?! Yummy, too!

Nick's Mom, me and My Mom The favors Nick's Grandma put together. They were super cute little Lenox vases with a sucker ad personalized ribbon attached.
My other hostess, the future Aunt to be!

Diaper cake, complete with Monkey on top!
No, this is not a clothing store! Here's one of the 3 clotheslines that our little monkey's clothing was hung on! She'll be the fashionable one for sure!
Um, I'm getting BIG! I love their faces :)
My Mom playing a shower game This week's belly shot :)
34 weeks, even!


Sheila said...

So cute!! I love your dress, and the cakes are adorable. The hanging baby clothes on the line are so decorative and look so stylish! Yay for the little monkey!

Anonymous said...

You look great! What a cute shower too! Love all the decorations.

Alison said...

HOW FUN!!!! You must feel so relaxed right now!!!

shoppingsmycardio said...

"but i don't want to get a pedicure...argh!"

lol...i shake my head in your general direction. glad it was a wonderful time!

Grandma In Waiting said...

So glad we surprised you! Now you can concentrate on getting all your ducks in a row for your Baby Girl. Make a list, check it off...

Anonymous said...

They did a great job surprising you! It looks like a wonderful shower. I love your Westie!! She looks just like my little Lily!

Heather said...

How fun!! You look beautiful!

I love all the clothes on the clothes line, but that green dress with the pink sash is beyond adorable! I'm now on the hunt for one for Leila!!

Echloe said...

That is so sweet. I love love love the monkey cake too. Did you ever explain the origin of the monkey theme???

calhoun said...

Hi, Janessa! Looks like you had a great time!