Sunday, May 18, 2008

Quick update

I've been a very, very good girl. I don't normally do that thing called "rest" all that well. But, with the fear of having this baby be born too early, I've been pretty good at taking my time and resting. It helped that I picked this book this weekend. I heard the author speak in one of my pregtastic podcasts (I highly recommend them for those that are pg that read this blog!) And when I saw it in the store, I figured I might as well pick it up. 

In any case, the actual update: I've been able to rest quite a bit. I threw a tiny bit of work in there (ducking so Becki doesn't hit me!) and the contractions have come down to a normal 'pace'. At most, I have maybe 1 or 2 an hour, and it's primarily when I'm getting up to go pee (which is A LOT!). I've been drinking at lest 8 oz. of water or gatorade per waking hour and I'm doing much better. 

My next appointment is tomorrow, at 11:30 to check my cervix. If it hasn't progressed any more than it presented with on Thursday, then we're in the clear. Though I do note the fatigue quickly coming back. a 2-3 pm nap is really good for me, and I'll see if I can keep it up, even if I go back to work. 

The good news? I sent Nick out to get all the stuff we didn't have yet for the baby that we NEED. Um, like an infant car seat. Now we can bring her home from the hospital! And, I started packing the hospital bag. I've already put those forms we were supposed to bring with us in the bag, and I'm working on the smaller items. 

Thanks for all of your support! 

34w, 6d


shoppingsmycardio said...

man, you are lucky i'm out of state...i'd so be sitting on your feet to keep you horizontal.

i think edna was just waiting for me to leave so she could start her antics. little stinker.

Alison said...

Good job Janessa... you're already showing your skills as a GREAT Mother!!

Grandma In Waiting said...

Just to prove all it not under your "power." Hope you have a little girl just like you were...

Echloe said...

I'm glad that you have been a good girl and relaxed. Keep it up and keep your little one safe inside for a little longer. I've got all my fingers crossed for you.