Monday, May 26, 2008

So, my hips are spreading. It's not very comfortable, let me tell you! I must now sit either "indian style" or like a teenage boy slumped back in a chair to avoid hip/pelvic pain. I can't sit in my computer chair anymore because the arm rests keep my knees too close together (what a visual did I just give you!) Nope, it's the exercise ball for me. That, or the couch, or the floor. Those are pretty much my only "comfortable" options. 

The contractions are fewer and farther between, however they're getting stronger and stronger by the day. I'm interested to see how much progress (if any) we've made since my appointment a week ago. I'll find out tomorrow morning. I did get a scary contraction that left me speechless and by the time I hobbled to the couch and laid down it still took ~ 30 additional seconds to go away. Back pain, hip pain, all kinds of un-fun feelings.... 

My body is getting ready. This is good. (ha, that's what I keep telling myself). I'll see if I can snag Nick to take a picture, since it's been a couple weeks since the last one. 

36weeks! 1 week until I'm full term! 

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Kelly Marie said...

As I started reading this entry, I just thought, EXERCISE BALL! Use it lady. It feels so much better. Not long now!