Thursday, March 3, 2011

Two Month Letter

Dear Clara,

Happy two month birthday! As expected, the time continues to fly by and I can't believe you're already 1/6th of a year old. At the beginning of the month, Grandma said every picture of you is either yawning or sleeping. I reminded her that that's just what you do at this age. Well, that, and be cute. You're an old pro at that.
Then, you started smiling. You're quite reserved with your smiles, you primarily share them with Daddy, but every now and then I get to peek at one as well. You have shallow dimples, and I'll do just about anything to get a glimpse at them. I'm not sure where you got them from, but I'm in love with them already. Adorable.

You've rolled over a few times, but the kind of rolling over that is completely and totally unintentional. You've come close to rolling off the couch (and gave your Daddy a near heart attack in the process) and you like to turn your head from side to side as I hold you. Your head control is good for short periods of time and then you flop. I think you look like a ventriloquist's puppet. Daddy will move your lower lip so it's as though you're singing and talking...
You've turned out to be a relatively good sleeper thus far. Yes, I'm still getting up in the middle of the night, but when you decide you want to sleep, you do just that. I know it's short lived and now that I've actually written the above words, I'm sure you'll change your sleeping habits drastically, but I want to write it down to remember you CAN sleep :)

Your fussy period tends to start either at dinner time, or, more commonly just as I'm finishing up Jenna's bedtime story. You are not happy, tend to be over tired and just cry. It breaks my heart knowing I really can't do anything to make it better, but try, try, try to soothe you. Bouncing on the exercise ball, shh'ing and playing the 'hairdryer' track on the computer works at times, but not always. I continue to remind myself that this is a phase, a short lived phase and I soak up all the other times of the day. However 8pm - 10pm seem to be the slowest 2 hours of the day...
We're starting to get a glimpse into your personality. I still think you'll be the serious one, but in the last few days, you've started to use your voice. You like to talk to the frog that hangs from your bouncy seat, you chatter and laugh at him and it makes my heart smile. Then, when I peek over to see your face, you look at me as though I'm intruding on your conversation. Sorry, Peanut, I'll make sure to give you some alone time with the frog.
The last month has been filled with play dates, lunches, Mommy & Me classes and friends. I also took you to a two day planning conference for work and you did quite well. I can assure you that's the last time you'll be taken to a work meeting. Mommy has become addicted to Kara's Cupcakes and we visit them as often as is possible (dangerous... and I wonder why the pregnancy weight isn't falling off).
You're a blast. I'm enjoying each moment I have with you before going back to work. You've already gained quite a bit of weight as you're likely at approximately 10 pounds (you can blame the Kara's cupcakes, too). Getting bigger every day. Newborn clothes are a thing of the past. You're smiling, laughing (which kind of sounds like you're choking... either way it gets our attention) and taking the rather forceful hugs, kisses and hand holding of your older sister amazingly well.
Thank you so much for choosing us as your family. Thank you for completing our family. We can't wait to love and embarrass you (as only family can do) simultaneously.


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