Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weaning and birthday emotions... oh my!

So I've started the process to wean. And although I didn't have a huge issue with giving her WCM (whole cows milk) for whatever reason, reducing feedings, knowing I'm letting my supply drop intentionally is quite weird.

That and Jenna turns one on Sunday. Birthday party on Saturday.

It's been an emotional week. Who knows if it's due to hormones, or the big milestone, or stress from work and trying to prep for this weekend or likely a combo of all of it.

But, I'm excited. Stay tuned for a *way too long* montage of her first year. Seriously, set aside about 20 minutes ;) We'll see if I can do a shorter version, too. The long version took many hours to prep and lots of tears... *sniff!*


Heather said...

Big hugs! It's a weird milestone - happy because you made it through the first year, but sad because they're not babies anymore. I know her birthday will be great!

shoppingsmycardio said...

aww, hang in there, my friend...there are so, so many more milestones yet to come!

and hey, at least she hasn't started dating!

Echloe said...

I agree with pp. You've got the terrible twos, potty training, tons and tons of milestones. But don't worry. Your baby will still be a baby for some time. Even if she is drinking WCM and not your milk.

Maria said...


Her birthday will be great I can't wait to see pics from the party and view her montage!!

ab said...

Marin and I are looking forward to the extended version! She'll grab a boob and I'll grab some popcorn!