Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

AN AWARD! A MAJOR AWARD! (Sorry, I'm just a big fan of the movie 'A Christmas Story' and had to go there with this...)

Echloe tagged me with the honest scrap award. I love me some awards :)

The Rules for this award are to write 10 Honest Things about myself. So here it is:

1. I'm a type A kinda girl. I'm meticulous and a little obnoxious about it. You can ask those that work for me. That being said, those that do work for me would bend over backward to help. So I guess it's not that annoying.

2. I'm in love with photography blogs. IN LOVE.

3. I need to pick up my camera. While I was putting together the photos for J's montage, I realize I haven't been snapping as many. But, over the course of the year, my photos have gotten better so I don't *need* to snap as many to get a couple good ones... hmmm

4. I've had to re check the rules of this award already. I'm good at going off on tangents.

5. I'm into reading... which if you asked me that when I was teenager I'd say no... I hated reading at that time. But I think it's because I didn't find anything I liked to read back then. Now, I love reading. While I was pregnant and a 'new parent' I was into pregnancy and parenting books. Prior to that, business nerd books (I've got a whole slew of them!), now I'm back into the business nerd books along with the massive blog roll I've accumulated. Fun stuff.

6. I miss Jenna today, while at work. I miss her most days, but today I just want to go home and get a hug from her. Did I mention that yet? She HUGGED me when I picked her up from day care yesterday. TWICE! Then again at home one or two more times. There's nothing sweeter than her little arm wrapped around my neck giving it a squeeze while her head is on my other shoulder. Who knows, maybe she was trying to choke me... I don't care. It was filled with love in my eyes.

7. I'm not the mother I thought I'd be. Or maybe I am. Let me rephrase: Jenna has taught me that I don't get to decide the kind of mother I want to be. Instead, I'm *her* mother, responding to *her* needs. I think it makes it that much sweeter.

8. Back to me. I love a good pedicure. Bonus points if there's wine or champagne involved.

9. I love my husband. He really is the best. I don't remember who's blog (wait, I think it was J*)I was reading and they said I am the sail of a sail boat, and he is my anchor. (she actually said it better than I did... but digging up that post would be far too difficult). But the phrase so accurately describes my DH and I. I'm such a social butterfly, flitting around a group, saying hi, talking to everybody, happy to be out and about. He's the one that reminds me how nice it is to sit at home, snuggled on the couch, just me and him. Among other things, of course. I'm forever grateful and don't know how to thank him enough for just being him.

10. I do my best to live life without regrets. And, anything that *could* be a regret turn it into a lesson for the future. Mistakes are ok, but only if you learn from them.

I'm supposed to award this to other bloggers, too. But if you're reading this, I say you've officially been awarded this one... or, better yet, leave 10 honest things about yourself as a comment on this blog and re-post on your blog... I'd love to read them :)


Auntie Em <3 said...

1. I think that hands down that my favorite person in the entire world is my nephew. He makes my day everyday and I am so fortunate that I get to be a part of his life.

2. Movie theatre popcorn is my favorite food. Hands down. Closely followed by frozen yogurt with toppings, bacon, gma homecooked food, polenta, italian, and pasta.

3. My favrotie noise in the entire world is babies laughing.

4. Least favorite-that sound when babies and kids are crying and you hear that one split second of silence where they are catching their breaths right before all the poop hits the fan? Yeah, I HATE that.

5. I am addicted to hearts. <333333

6. I am a nanny and I currently nanny 12 boys. I'm a tommboy and I love all of them, but would love to nanny a girl sometime!!

7. I really enjoy a good glass of wine, strawberry daiquiri, dark lager, or spring water.

8. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a synchronized swimmer when I grew up. Apparently that is not a career path.

9. My grandparents and siblings are my heroes. We've been through so much together and growing up we fought, but now that we're older were close and I heart them! My gma makes dinner for us once a week :)

10. Sleeping and/or playing with my nephew is pretty much my alltime favorite thing to do :)

Heather said...

I love reading these things! And I'll get a pedicure (with champagne and/or wine) with you anytime!