Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jenna's 1 year montage

This is the short version. I haven't figured out how to upload the 16 minute version one.
Enjoy! *sniff*


shoppingsmycardio said...

aww...darling :) i still love the turtle costume! and the picture where she's looking at you like you're a crazy person is my personal fave. glad to know someone's filling in for me ;)

Amy and Rick said...

Holy moly...with my little one turning 1yo in just two weeks this really got me going! So special! : )

Amy and Rick said...

Can't get this off my mind and MUST begin one for my little one. Can you share how you did it?

janessa said...

We made it using iphoto on our Mac. If you have a mac, just select the pictures you want, then select share and slideshow... if you don't have a mac, the website 'onetruemedia.com' is a popular website! You just upload the photos and select the images :)

One word of warning! it's *hard* to narrow down the images! At least it was for me. The whole experience made me cry, cry, cry at all the changes we've come across in the last year!
Hope this helps! Congrats on your little one turning one!