Tuesday, June 9, 2009

OK, it used to be cute...

Jenna... you're a doll, you really are. But there's one thing I'd like to have a talk with you about. The word "doggie" has come out of your mouth literally hundreds of times a day.

When a dog barks "doggie!"
when you see a dog "doggie!"
When you see a cat "doggie!"
When you see Vinnie our chinchilla "doggie!"
When you see a bird "doggie!"
When you see me "doggie!"
When you see Daddy "doggie!"
When you say good bye to friends or family "doggie!"
When you're in the bath, when you're in the car, when you're at day care, when you're at home... you get the point.

As much as your single word is cute, honey, let's learn to use it in context. As much as I was sad that you were saying "Dada" and "Daddy" and not "Mama" being called "Dada" is preferred to being called "Doggie." And now that Doggie has replaced all other words... well, I'm at a loss.

Jenna's a couple weeks shy of her 1st birthday.

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Heather said...

You have a chinchilla? I'm jealous! And, I'm sure the "doggie" for everything will stop soon, and she'll be onto full-on sentences and you'll have to watch every word you say! Have I told you what Leila's fourth word was?? ; )