Sunday, December 21, 2008

6 Month Letter

Dear Jenna,

It's been quite a month. You're growing by leaps and bounds and I'm counting the days until you become mobile. Your personality is really shining through and we know we've got a happy baby on our hands. You love to giggle. Love to read (well, love books and paper in general), enjoy music and 'dancing'. You're like your mama in that you can't really sit still without getting bored and, in turn, you're keeping us on our toes. Your Pop mentioned this past weekend that you were born on the longest day of the year, and here we are celebrating your 1/2 birthday on the shortest day of the year.

We introduced solids this month... You've done pretty well with it. We weren't very good at being consistent at it up until the past week, but you're now getting better and better at eating and you seem to be enjoying the food. So far, your favorite is pears (what a shock, huh?) and your least favorite is rice cereal. I can't say I blame you.

Since it's December, you also got to meet Santa! You smiled for the camera and everything. Of course, seconds after this picture you told Santa what you really thought of him and spit up on him. Next year we'll see if we're this lucky (to have you *like* him).
This month also brought our first ER trip. Now whether the trip to the ER was necessary or not, I don't know but, in true "New Parent Fashion" we took you in, had everyone look at us like we were nuts, got a shot and some tylenol and were sent on our merry way. You did great, your Dad and I were beyond exhausted.

In terms of developmental milestones, you're hitting a good number of them. You can sit unsupported (and you love to sit!), you can stand and hold yourself up (as is apparent here), you're passing objects from one hand to the other with intent and you babble. Still no recognizable words yet (unless you count 'hi' or 'what' as we pretend to hear... but that just reminds me of when I was pregnant and 'trying' to feel movement and it ended up just being gas)
Your doe-like eyes makes your Dad and I melt. We would bend over backwards three times if you asked us to when you give us a look like below. Everything goes in your mouth now. EVERYTHING. Drool comes along with it. We've been blaming 'teething' on your fussy behavior for the last couple weeks and although we can see the teeth just below your gum line (both above and below) they haven't come through yet. So, we wait... and give you something to chew on at all times.

As for current events, I'm sick of hearing the word 'economy'. Everyone has tightened their belts, is trying to watch spending and increase savings. We're just trying to get by with the new expense of day care. We're doing fine, but with everyone freaking out about the economy and how terrible things are, it's just a bit scary. Gas prices have fallen to $1.65 this month. Quite a shock considering we were spending about $4.50 per gallon when you were born. What a difference 6 months will make, huh? We'll see where it goes from here.

This is obviously your first Christmas. We're so excited to have you here this time of year. I've been playing nothing but Christmas Music for you (who am I kidding, it's for me, too) and playing with you in front of the tree. This year's tree is as tall as the ceiling will allow as next year, you'll be mobile and anxious to grab at the lights, branches and ornaments. So, I hope you've enjoyed the 'big tree' this year.

Grandma and Pop came down this past weekend to celebrate an early Christmas. It was good to see Pop as he ended up in the hospital due to some chest pain. It was good to hug him and see the two of you together because life is so fragile and sometimes we need a bit of a scare to really appreciate that. Pop is the one that got me excited about photography. So, you can blame him for me always shoving that snappy thing in your face and trying to get you to smile.
He took the picture below. It's the first time I've really "seen" myself as a Mom. I continue to think I haven't changed all that much, but when I look at the picture (and the other one or two that go with it), I see "Janessa, the Mom". I'm so proud to be your Mom. To work my way through all that's going on and to do the best I can for you.

This month has been a doozy of emotions. A few highs, a good number of lows, but you being here makes everything better. Merry (early) Christmas and happy 6 months!

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