Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy 3 months, Jenna!

Dear Jenna,

You're 3 Months old today! This month has gone by less quickly than the other months. Maybe it's because we've gotten into a bit of a groove together, you have (sort of) a schedule that you're following and we've learned that you need a TON of sleep to avoid the melt downs. You're getting so much bigger! Here's your 'official' 3 month shot and here's a link to your 2 month picture! My how you've grown!

So, in the past month, quite a bit has happened. You got to give your Daddy a birthday present, kick off football season, attend your first wedding and stay in a hotel for the first time.
You also got your ears pierced! That, was exciting. You were grouchy for about 20 minutes and then fell asleep. After that nap, you had no clue that anything had happened and your ears weren't sore at all (as I could touch and 'mess' with them and it didn't phase you!)

Here you are in the King bed! You certainly made yourself at home in the hotel room. I was happy for the black out curtains come nap time but quickly discovered that there's not much to do in a hotel room with a sleeping baby. We went to Andy and Nora's wedding. It was beautiful. I discovered how hard it is to take pictures while holding you as you were NOT going to let me put you in the bassinet that we brought for you to sleep in. Instead, I wore you in the Moby.

We've been getting lots more 'chatterboxing', smiles (as is demonstrated below) and giggles. Those are my favorite. Your favorite place is still your changing table which continues to baffle us but we won't argue.

You do, however, still have your fussy periods. I will admit the picture below shows a fussy period initiated by me, as Dad was putting your jumper together and I wanted to 'try it out' with you before it was assembled. You were not pleased. Now that it's together (and, in general) you're up for big activities (like the jumper, the play gym, a mommy and me class) for about a half an hour. Then, we have to switch to something less stimulating, like me carrying you around or you sitting on my lap and just observing the comings and goings around us. If we try for more, it's just too much for you and you show us your famous fussy side. You've recently discovered textures and when you feel a new one, you continue to grab for it. But, we're all learning. Oh! And, this month, you rolled over! You've only done it a handful of times and are really surprised when you end up on your back but you're starting to figure it out. It's so cool seeing you trying to learn something new. You've also found your voice. My favorite mornings are when I wake up to you 'talking' to the ladybugs and dragonflies on your crib's bumper. You also like to 'talk' to the heart that hangs on your car seat. I wonder what you're saying to them...

This month, along with Daddy's birthday football season was kicked off! As you know, your parents are 49er fans and Dad couldn't wait to put you in this jersey :). The 9ers are now 2 and 1 as of today (yay! they won today!). In other sports news, tonight was the last game at Yankee Stadium (the 'real' one, not the one you will come to know and love). We watched the ceremony and it was sad.

There's an election for president in a couple of months. Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain are running for president. Senator McCain chose a woman as his Vice Presidential candidate, Sara Palin, the Governor for Alaska. I only mention this because whoever comes out on top will be historic in that this country has never had an African American President, nor have we had a female as a VP (or has one ever been in the running for President). I only hope in your lifetime you'll look back at this letter and think we're crazy for only NOW introducing someone other than 'old white guys' into our country's politics. I hope you look back on this like I look back on Martin Luther King, Jr's speeches.

Everyday, we're more and more amazed by you. You've grown quite a bit. You now weight 12lbs 8 oz and are 24 inches long. You're becoming more 'fun' and starting to show your personality. From what we can tell, you are an observer like Dad but when you want something, you, ahem, speak up like me. We love you more and more everyday!




Alison & Brandyn said...

Three Months!!! Amazing!! She certainly IS getting big!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 3 months, Ms. Jenna! You are one beautiful girl!

Kristi said...

Happy 3 months Jenna!!! What a beautiful little lady you are!!

Cameron's mom said...

3 months already?? where does the time go? she's so pretty..even when she's crying in a bouncy that isn't put together! man, i love that little girl!

Mrs. B Espinosa-Lydon said...

Oh my goodness Janessa. Your letter to Jenna brought me to tears. You are so sweet and what you included in your letter was so perfect. I'm so happy for you both that you have such a blessing in your life to make you smile even more and for all the extra love. Congratulations. She is very lucky to have you as a momma. Good job. Big hugs. Britt