Thursday, January 10, 2008

Finally, a picture!

OK, OK, I've been promising for way too long (who am I promising? Myself? Sure...) Anyway, here's a picture of this week's belly.

I've finally got a few maternity clothes, because thank goodness! I can't handle trying to piece together 5 different shirts that cover my barely zipped pants. I had someone at work actually say to me (tease me) "Good God, woman! Zip up your pants!" I hung my head in shame and said quietly "I can't". So, now I'm looking reasonable, almost 5 days a week.

5 days is really all you need, because, to be completely honest, I could care less who sees me on the weekends. I live in the same small town that I grew up in, so I see at least one person I know when I leave my house, ALWAYS. My mom used to ask me why I was putting on makeup when we were just running to the store, and, when we'd get there, I'd chuckle as I said "Hi Sue!..."

So, a few more pieces are on their way. Apparently there's been a 'weather delay' in Salt Lake City. Why are they keeping my super duper, totally comfy clothes from my belly?!?!? I'm not really that heartless, but I do want jeans. I'm so sick of black pants. That's all I've got (as is shown in the photo to the left, what a shocker). My jeans are on the way! Yippie! Now, if they could just get out of Salt Lake.