Monday, January 28, 2008

Big Ultrasound!

So, we officially know the sex of our baby. However, I'm not sharing until after this weekend, as my mom reads this blog, and I don't want the suprise ruined for her. (Mom, I'm sure you're checking this to see if I've "slipped") :)

The baby's measuring a couple of days early, and it weighs in at 11 oz. It's crazy to think our baby weighs as much as a can of soda!

On other news, I finally went and was professionaly measured for my pregnant boobs. The $10 target bras weren't cutting it anymore, and were pushing on my belly, which wasn't comfortable at all. Well, $70 later and an additional size up, the 'girls' are feeling much better.

That reminds me, it's about time for all the stats I post not as much as I should...

Weight - 147 lbs.
Size: 2/4 this doesn't really change, but I'm in 'small' maternity clothing...
Bra size: 34DD

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Echloe said...

I think you've learned an important lesson. Never never skimp on bras. Glad the girls are feeling better now that you've upgraded.