Thursday, February 3, 2011

One Month Letter

Dear Clara,

You've been in this world for a month now. I know time flies by, and I knew that when I was pregnant, and I planned, and hoped that I could somehow, some way slow time down and appreciate every minute I had with you while you're tiny. I have done my best to soak in every minute, every squeak, every grunt (and oh are you ever a grunter!) the bat of every eyelash and even the cries.

You arrived early. I wasn't ready for you to come out yet. I was still enjoying rubbing your back while you were in my belly. I enjoyed watching you kick vigorously and I especially enjoyed watching you try to escape through my belly button on New Years Eve. I hope to never forget that night. I think you were celebrating being a 2011 baby and escaping the ability to be claimed on 2010 taxes (speaking of, we could have used that deduction, apparently).

Your first two to three weeks, you were so sleepy. Quiet. Yes, when you cry, it's LOUD, but you were quite content. Happy. It seems as though you've started to wake up in the last week and a half or so. And by wake up I mean you've been getting fussy. And by fussy I mean that the minute we turn off the light in Jenna's room and say good night to her, you scream bloody murder. Because you apparently like to keep us up on our toes. And up at night, too. We know that's par for the course, and although you're giving us a run for our money, I really don't think it's as bad as it was with your sister.

I should warn you. As the second child, my only experience in parenting was your sister. I don't have any other reference point. So although I'll try not to compare and contrast, I know it's bound to happen and I apologize for that. I'll try not to make it a competition (although if it was, Jenna would be kicking your butt in the colic category, which I absolutely appreciate right now!) So I'm sorry about all the comparisons well in advance. Tell your therapist I said so in about 20 years, ok?
I think you're going to be quiet and reserved. Not necessarily shy, but your facial expressions say so much about your personality already. You make some awesome faces. Daddy and I can't help but laugh when you're stretching and you make the turtle face. It's so cute. Your forehead furrows when you're stretching, when you're tired and you're able to make a fierce 'raisin face' something Daddy has yet to master.
Your hair. You have so much hair. And it's all at least an inch long. I haven't tried to do pigtails just yet, but don't be surprised if I try in the near future before it thins out.
You absolutely complete our family. It's like we were waiting for you and now our family is whole. You warm each of our hearts and it's already difficult to remember what life was like before you made your appearance.
Your sister adores you. She's quick to come up and give you hugs and kisses, and asks to hold you all the time. You tolerate her excitement pretty well. I hope one day you'll grow to be very close with one another, as I'd imagine only sisters can be.
You're growing like a weed. As I mentioned earlier, you're up over two pounds, out of all of your newborn sleepers already. I keep grasping to slow time down, but it just doesn't happen. I know I can't keep you small, and although it's tempting, I really am excited to get to know YOU, your personality.
When I was pregnant, I had no clue what you would look like. People asked me all the time I and I replied 'I guess she'll just look like Jenna'. When you arrived, I was surprised at how very wrong I was. You started off looking like your cousin, Annika and now you've developed your own little 'look'. I can't tell who you look like though I see glimpses of my Grandma in your facial expressions. Your head is small and your features are small as well, but well developed. You look more like a little person than a baby. I'm sure I'll eat those words in a year or two (or ten!) but you look mature for the ripe old age of 1 month.
Thank you, Clara for choosing us as your family. For letting us love and embrace you and torture you as your parents (and sibling!) for the rest of your life. I'll do my very best for you, always.



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Brakes and Gas said...

What a beautiful letter to Clara! I am so excited for your family and reading about your experiances makes me just about cry in anticipation for both my girls to be here! Daughters are very special! Thank you for sharing!