Friday, January 15, 2010

Please stay tuned...

We're currently in the process of packing up our life and moving down the street. Jenna loves all the fun 'toys' we're bringing out of the woodworks (the tripod is her favorite right now closely followed by the old corded telephone and baby bath tub). However, she also points to where photos were on the wall and starts to fuss. I haven't been able to explain to her that we're moving. And when I use the word move, she repeats and starts spinning in circles as though she's dancing. I can't tell if she's confused or happy, but I feel the same way about the whole thing, too, kid.

I popped on to say sorry for the absence and I realized I have yet to do a 'Christmas' post. yikes! Sooo... photo dump of our last month.

Jenna, all ready to see the snow. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!
Did I mention she loves Christmas decorations!?
We went to Zoo lights. I was teased for the amount of 'bundling' I did with her, but it was cold! As Jenna would say "Burrr!"
The O family band.
Nick and I went to see DMB in 3D. I snagged the glasses, popped the lenses out and gave them to J. She enjoyed.
But suddenly realized they weren't cool.
Christmas morning. In her princess pj's. When she opened the PJ's on Christmas Eve, she insisted we hang them on the tree so she could ooh and ahhh at them. Cracked me up.
Wearing Aunt Heidi's slippers.
Her favorite toy. Hands down! And, shouldn't everyone vacumme in a tutu?
My little beauty.
This is what happened when I told her there were no more presents to open. Don't feel too bad, she was more than spoiled.
Her eyelashes make me swoon!
Christmas day we went up to Nanny and Poppie's. She looves the rocking horse at their house. And... she throws her head back and says "Naaayy!"
The Russian nesting dolls that are also reserved for Nanny and Poppies. She really likes opening and closing them, spreading them around the floor and then walking away.

So I'll be MIA for a bit longer. I finally found my point and shoot so expect to see a bit of video up soon. Jenna's been quite a chatterbox and LOVES to sing. I love it. She often sings the last word of each line of song. It cracks us up, which in turn cracks her up and then we're all rolling on the ground in a fit of laughter. She makes me so happy, proud and boastful.


ab said...

best of luck in your move sweetie! Miss seeing you around - blogging and tweeting -

Jenna is such a doll! Love your photos from this last month!!

pmarie33 said...

look at all that hair!!! She's turning into quite a little lady.