Monday, December 21, 2009

Where did my baby go?

Since I no longer write the monthly letters, I feel like time is slipping away. Maybe that's just the case. I've been told that the second year goes by a lot quicker than the first, and this morning, when I woke up, I was emotional. I was sad. I missed Jenna more than my normal Monday at work (each Monday morning is difficult realizing that I don't get to spend the day with Jenna like I did over the weekend).

I got to work, turned on my sappy mix on my iPhone and looked at the calendar. BAM. December 21, 2009. My baby girl is a year and a half old. How did she get from this...


6 months
12 months
16 months

to here!? (this photo is ~ 2 months old, I've been slow to upload). I love this age.
I love that if I even suggest the word book she grabs the one closest to her and runs over to my lap so we can read it.
I love that she sings 'Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes" to herself.
I love that she'll 'read' to her snowman friends (I'll have a hard time putting them away now!) and when she does, she opens the page and says "what's DIS!? What's DIS? What's DIS!?" waiting for the snowmen to reply 'A red truck'.
I love that she's happier waving to the train as it goes by than she is to ride it.
She's now grabbing her shirt, pulling it up to suck her thumb with the shirt in the same hand and her other finger is in her belly button. Or in her ear. Or she's picking at the skin between the fingers of the hand she's sucking. I love that she's a bit odd. Just like her Mama.
I love that she's curious, and stubborn, and heartfelt. That she says "I lub ew"
I called her today, just to say hello. She's with Nanny this week. I spoke with Nanny for a bit then she put Jenna on the phone. Now, instead of just listening, she'll say "Hi, hi, hi!" I asked her to blow a kiss and she replied with kissing the phone. My heart strings have been a little bit tighter after that conversation.
So where did my baby go? Where do we go from here? I know it gets better, but I have a feeling it only goes faster from here. No longer a bean, no longer a baby... now I have a little girl and a swollen heart.


Brakes and Gas said...

You do such an amazing job of documenting J's life with photos and words! It totally inspires me!

ab said...

:snif: :snif:

gonna go hug M now...

Little Miss J is freakin' adorable by the way with the snowmen thing. Marin has a thing for our Rudolph and Clarice stuffys, and she accidentally saw me putting them away yesterday. Gasp. You'd think I came back with a rifle, not a Christmas tote! The look on her face broke my heart. (update: they MAY have to stay out all year.)