Thursday, December 17, 2009

Today, I'm grateful

I didn't do a Thanksgiving post, I've been quite short on time lately. However, yesterday and today, I've had one thing on my mind... I'm so grateful for everything I have.

I'm so in love with my little girl... the smile that she's brought to my heart is indescribable. She makes my day so much better even when she's in the worst of moods. I can still stare at her little curls, her eyelashes, her baby blue eyes for hours. I still can't believe she's *ours* and we don't have to give her back. It still feels like a sleep over, like we're just 'playing house'.

I'm grateful for Nick. He's the best Dad and an even better husband. He helps out more than I do and is still able to take the time to tell me he loves me, or to tell me to sit down when I'm just too stressed out. He made the time so I could read the twilight series in peace, even though he thinks it's silly. He supports me at home, at work and is my rock. We've never been closer than we are as parents and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm happy to be an optimist. I'm happy to be me.

I'm grateful for my job. For working in an environment that encourages me and supports my creative desires and future. In turn, I do the same for them.

I'm so thankful for my family and friends. To have such a supportive network is indescribable. I'm so happy to have loving, kind, selfless people in our lives. To love and be loved is one of the best things out there... and I feel like I am loved from so many angles (home, work, life) I only hope that I'm able to love and support as thoroughly as others love and support me.

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