Monday, July 13, 2009

I heard the magic word...

I'm behind on blogging, but had to stop tonight to note the following. Tonight Jenna said Mama (YAY!!)

She's also saying:
Doggie (duh)
Vinnie (our chinchilla)

All of these words popped up, out of no where. It's really cool and frightening to watch. Also, my unrational fear of not being able to understand toddler-speak is not coming to fruition. I've never been able to understand kids. But even though Ducky, doggie, kitty sound similar, I really can tell the difference between them.


shoppingsmycardio said...

aww, congrats :)

Squeak said...

OMG!! So sweet!! I can't wait till Robbie says that!

Alison said...

YAY!!!! She's a talker!! Wonder who she gets that from!?!

Anonymous said...

That's great, Jenna!! I've totally been terrified about understanding Dane because I have a hard time understanding toddler speak too. Good to know it's not as hard with your own kid!

Echloe said...

I bet you can tell the difference between her words because your kid is a rock star. She probably really says them well and you just can't tell objectively because you are her mama. Oh and how sweet that she said it. I can't wait to hear those words.

p.s. I don't know why we haven't knit together. I'm game.