Monday, July 6, 2009

Aquarium & Phil&Teds Event :)

Jenna and I were invited out to visit the Aquarium at San Francisco's Pier 39. I took the day off work and we made a day of it. It's too bad that the nap resulted in us leaving SF shortly after the event was over. I wish there was time to go and bark at the sea lions, but time ran short.

Here's a few pictures..... in no particular order:

Checking this whole thing out, cautiously.

They were beautiful to watch maneuver.
This fish had a magenta square. it was quite striking.
Jelly fish!
BIG Jelly fish!
Jenna, checking out the Phil & Teds goods. They sponsored the event. We got to go and check out their latest products, drool over strollers and play with a fun thing called the wriggle wrapper and have lunch. Jenna did great!
Sting rays will always remind me of our honeymoon on Grand Cayman.... sigh...
Jenna in the tunnel. The aquarium was more interesting to her than the zoo. Maybe because she can get up close and personal?

Smaller Jelly fish! These guys were cool!
All in all, a great day away from the office with just the bean.


ab said...

How funny! We just went too, and Marin really loved the tunnel. We went through twice because she was so awestruck, as was I since she hadn't napped and was perfectly content in the tunnel watching the sharks (sooooo much to her Daddy -the surfers - dismay) Oh, such a daughter! LOL!

Echloe said...

I've been to that little aquarium. I like it better than the Monterrey Bay one personally. Glad you guys had a good time.