Monday, April 5, 2010


My how the time flies. This is Jenna's second Easter, and the first we had a blast, but she was too young for an egg hunt. This year, however, the Easter Bunny stopped by for a visit. We talked him up, and she was SO excited every time we mentioned his name. (I've decided it's a male bunny, don't ask me why). When we put her to sleep the night before, we told her the Easter Bunny was going to stop by the house, hide some eggs and bring her a basket of goodies.

And so he visited....
First Egg! Weeee!
There's MORE!?
Checkin out her loot...
Play with the breakable eggs, or the toys? Hmmm......
I didn't like either of those, I'll stick with this box. (sigh) Doesn't she look like she could be 8 here!? Except for the diaper box, I know... but STILL! How did she get to be so big!?
Holy cow, she's adorable.
So excited to be singing along in her Easter best.
Hmmmm.... Bread?
BREAD! When do we eat, Ma!?
I guess it's good based on her face.... or she's trying to say cheese while eating the 'bread'.
::sigh:: time really does fly by when you're not looking.
How is it possible that she'll be TWO in a few short months?

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Alison said...

Awww - pretty girl!!