Monday, May 25, 2009

Jenna and family

We got together at Aunt Heidi and Uncle Mike's for Mother's Day brunch. It was good to get Jenna aquainted with her 4 legged (wait... her only) cousins. 

Left to right: Reuss, Poppie, Jenna and Aunt Heidi. LOVE this picture. 

Madison checking Jenna out towards the end of the day. Jenna is inspecting something that got stuck to her hand while crawling around. This is so normal, but I don't catch it on film because I just don't like it. I hate that no matter how much I clean, or sweep, or keep her in a bubble, she still finds stuff on her hands. Hey, maybe I should embrace it. She's entertained, right? Oh, and at least Madison got to check her out without actually confronting this little person. 
Reuss, on the other hand, was all about playing with Jenna. He loooovvvees her. 
I realized I haven't taken a good picture of my Mom and Jenna in a longer time than I care to admit. So... mini photo shoot proved successful. They were both having a blast. My Mom knows how to get her giggles going. I love it. 
Ah, quick one with Pop and Jenna... she loves to watch people talk on the phone. 
Back to Grandma... 
This one's my favorite. 

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Echloe said...

I swear your kid could grow up to model. Those eyes are so beautiful.