Tuesday, October 21, 2008

4 Month letter

Dear Jenna,

You're now officially 4 months old. This month has been an exciting one, filled with many new adventures. I went back to work when you were 3 months and 10 days old. Before I did, we crammed as many 'mommy and me' stuff in as possible. I've included some pictures below. (The pictures are way out of order, by the way, I still can't quite figure that out). 

In any case, you're getting bigger (duh), growing older (um, duh again!) and now when I look back at your newborn pictures, I just can't believe you're the same child. You continue to show us more and more of your personality and your smile. Smiles come easily and you've been crying less and less often, provided we don't let you get overtired. 

This month, as I noted earlier, you started day care. You're with Irma, and she's fantastic. I can tell she really loves you, and you've been happier since starting up there. You like the sights and sounds to be ever changing and day care is perfect for that. The kids all adore you and you can just sit back and watch (and comment!) on the happenings. I do go to feed you at lunch time (every day!) and that break in my day makes the time go by faster until I get to see you again. It's made me appreciate every minute I spend with you because it's all fleeting. I know you'll never be this small again and though I'm sad that you spend so much time with Irma, I understand that's what we have to do at this point in time. AND, since you've allowed me to make peace with that decision as you're really, genuinely happy when I pick you up. 

Here you are with Landon, your partner in crime at Day One's Musical Play class... 
You've become much more vocal this month. You 'comment' on the changing scenery, let us know if you're displeased with what you're looking at and have found your 'shreek'. You also will head butt me after a good feeding or when you're tired. You tend to 'talk yourself to sleep' when you're really tired. Smiles are gummy in nature and come frequently. You love music. LOVE it. Currently, guaranteed hits include the 'ABC's', the 'spiderman' Jenna Bean song, Tony Chestnut and You are my Sunshine. Though, you will settle for some DMB (which also makes your Dad and I smile), you much prefer Baby Einstein's classical. 

Current events. The election coverage continues, and, of course it's the biggest topic out there right now. By the time the next letter is published, we'll know who the next president is. Other news includes how terrible the economy is right now. The stock market continues to tank and to be honest, that's enough negative news to get me to turn the TV off. Because of returning to work, my head is basically all consumed with you, preparing your stuff for the next day at day care and trying to wake up in time for work. It's a super glamorous life, I tell ya. 

You really are starting to show your personality. You size people up immediately. Some people you are all giggles and smiles for, others, you let them see (and hear!) your cries. In all honesty, I'm anxious to see how you do for Mr. Santa in a couple of months. 

As I noted above, it's been a busy month. One highlight was going to the pumpkin patch. We went to Clayton Valley Pumpkin Farm (friends of the family own it) and we had a great time. You were a bit overtired and cranky due to the change in schedule with Grandma and Pop in town, but we still had a blast. I was excited to see one of the first 'holiday traditions' I'd always dreamed of come to fruition. After a few family photos and picking out the perfect pumpkin for you (it's little!) we went to a local pub (Ed's Mudville Grill) and had lunch. Though we didn't get a picture of it, all the grandparents were there and we met Uncle Mike and Aunt Heidi for lunch. 

You continue to amaze us. We're so enamored by you, by your personality, your eyes, your hands, your new fascination with your feet (hey! Where'd those come from!) and of course your big huge smiles and giggles. 

Next month we're going to visit Nana and Tot along with the other extended family out in New Jersey. There's also talk of solids, but we shall see if you're willing to wait or not. 


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