Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jenna's 2nd Birthday Party!

OK. It's obvious I'm behind on blogging. We had a great time throwing Jenna's 2nd birthday party and I actually spent the majority of the party enjoying our friends and family instead of shooting pictures (shocking, I know!) I did snap one or two shots of the details, and Pop shot the photos of family and friends. Thanks, Pop!

The entry way. When I originally planned this party, I was going to heavily focus on pinwheels. When I was laid off, the budget was drastically pulled back, but we were able to still keep that essence. This, along with large pinwheels on the lawn and citrus colored balloons were what greeted guests to the party. I still have it hanging on my door because it's just too pretty to take down!
Favors for the kids.
This balloon is HUGE! And still floating in our living room. Jenna loves it.
The cake/favor/gift table. There's a banner hanging along with pinwheels and garland.
Jenna wanted to dig into the gifts early... umm not yet.
It's my party and I'll cry if I want to (after being scolded to stay away from the gifts and cake until later).
The jumpy house was a huge hit! A big thanks to a friend that had this hanging out in her garage. Ummm the kids all LOVED it! I think we may have to invest in one sooner rather than later.
Kellen had a blast in the jumpy house, too.
Although it looks like Landon was begging to come out, I think he was actually trying to entice Pop to come in and jump, too!
Grandma's dip was a hit with the adults and kids... it was addicting!
The pink car was a big hit, too. Which is good because Jenna NEVER plays with it!
Singing happy birthday!!!
getting down on her cupcake. Delish!
We had a great time. The weather was perfect, the company was great and Jenna continued to talk about her birthday for no less than 2 weeks. Actually, she wished me a happy birthday this morning, and proceeded to wish 'Jenna' a happy birthday, too. She's a bit obsessed!

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shoppingsmycardio said...

can't believe she's already two...happy birthday, jenna!!