Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blogger Challenge #4

What was your (or your child's) "best" Halloween costume ever? (Bonus points for photos!)

I pink puffy heart Jenna as a little squirt from last year. The costume was essentially a hoodie and a pair of pants. It was WAY too big for her, but she was just adorable in it, working on her head control during tummy time was awesome to watch. She was also a flower last year and that was a bit hit, too. However, it was warm last October and I had to take her out of the costume after only a short amount of time because she was roasty toasty.

My favorite costume? In the 6th grade, I was a headless person. My Mom came up with the costume idea. I wore a pair of my dads pants, pulled up to my shoulders (I don't remember what I did with my arms all day long!) a shirt hung on a frame of coat hangers and stuffed with newspaper that sat on my shoulders. The arms of the shirt came together just under my chin... sooo I looked like I was walking around carrying my own head. During the parade at lunch, the coat hangers came undone and collapsed on me, but it was a pretty cool idea, none-the-less.

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